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Jumicar is all about giving children a fun and practical experience to learn about the roads. During the sessions the young people will gain road awareness skills, learn the importance of obeying safety rules and become aware of the various hazards presented by being in a vehicle or on the roadside.

Children - pedestrians

The facts

  • In 2007 on average 37 children under 16 were killed or seriously injured every week on roads in Great Britain
  • In 2009 The number of children killed or seriously injured in the UK on our roads was 2,671  
  • Most children under 9 can't judge how fast vehicles are going or how far away they are
  • The risk of a child pedestrian being involved in a road accident rises when they start school and then rises again when children start secondary school

Jumicar can visit Schools

Often jumicar teams up with your local Police who like to join in on the day. Just let us know if you would like us to invite them to join us. 

  • We require a flat surface of approximately 300 sq feet.
  • We hold a £5 million public liability insurance
  • Staff are fully CRB checked with the enhanced disclosure
  • It takes one hour to set up plus another hour to pack away
  • jumicar is flexible and can tailor the day to suit you
  • number of children 10 to 150 per day
  • Costs - Please enquire as costs change depending on location of school


     Jumicar can offer a fun, exciting and educational experience for any child  

Jumicar is a unique activity that teaches road awareness skills in a practical  and enjoyable way which can be brought to your school and taught to your pupils.


Jumicar offers a fun, exciting, practical and educational experience for any child.

We use junior sized cars on a mini road circuit complete with road signs and working traffic lights, road safety role playing activities and road safety work sheets during the day.

Safety is paramount at all times, with all children required to wear a crash helmet and seat belts. N.B. - we are proud to have a 100% safety record in the eight years that we have been running and have £5m of public liability insurance for your peace of mind.


During a typical Jumicar session, your pupils will learn:

In car safety

How a good passenger can improve a driver's skills behind the wheel

The importance of wearing a seat belt and the consequences of not wearing one

How to behave as a pedestrian including where it is safe to cross the road, the Green Cross Code, discussing risks and avoiding distractions whilst crossing.

Reaction times of drivers

Stopping distances and braking distances of vehicles

Recognising and understanding Road Signs

Wearing bright clothing at night and risks if not

Jumicar makes a real difference to the safety of your pupils  and parents/carers won't be able to thank you enough for it.

Call us on 07971 439522. Alternatively, email us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

     The Fun:  

     Role playing as:

    • Driver - all the jumicar cars have seat belts 
    • Passenger  
    • Pedestrian