Jumicar Events

In addition to our Ferry Farm  and Parties Jumicar can be booked exclusively for Clubs and groups. Where we can visit you for any kind of  Events  Corporate Days, Family Days, School Fairs, Village Fetes, Open Days and of course Birthday Parties

If you are planning a special event and you want to attract and involve children why not book Jumicar. The colourful cars, flags, road signs and children having fun are bound to draw people in!

title The jumicar track is easy to set up on any paved, tarmac or grassed area. The minimum requirement of area is roughly 350m². The bigger the area the bigger the circuit,  jumicar is flexible and can make the circuit fit in to your space. The jumicar  team will take care of setting up and dismantling the track and operating the facility.

  • From the age of 6 children can drive the junior-sized cars themselves. They can take younger children along as passengers. If the parents so wish, they can ride along in the passenger seat too and from one year old the youngsters can sit behind the wheel with a parent in the passenger seat controlling the car.
  • The junior cars are equipped with everything a real car has. Accelerator, brakes and an automatic gearbox make them great fun to drive.
  • The engines are exceptionally environment-friendly. The 4-stroke engines run on lead-free petrol, consuming only 0.5 litres per day. The noise level is only 50 decibels. The speed has been throttled down to a maximum of 15 km/h.
  • The children fasten their seat belts and put on their helmets. The jumicar team makes sure the little drivers pay attention to the road signs, learn what they mean and obey the working traffic lights.
  • The fun of driving the little cars and road safety education in game form – these are the two elements that make jumicar tracks hugely popular with the children of all ages all over Europe as so many press reports and customers testify.

 Please phone 07971 439522 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   for a quote